How often should I inspect my foundation?


To keep your house’s structural integrity, you must have a sturdy foundation. Your home’s foundation safeguards it against the degradation and decay that would occur if constructed directly on top of the ground. You can take some easy steps as a homeowner to avoid foundation issues and vital signs to watch out for if you think your home’s foundation may have been compromised and needs foundation repair. Like your roof or HVAC system, your foundation needs to be inspected.

How frequently you should do a foundation examination?

Here are some recommendations.

When buying or selling

There is a need for foundation inspection every time you purchase a new house. However, if you intend to sell your property, you must consider one. A study demonstrating that your home has no foundation problems might be a significant selling point. And if issues are found, you’ll already know how to remedy them.

Periodic Inspections

You should still have your home’s foundation inspected, even if you don’t see any obvious signs of trouble. Similar to your HVAC system or roof, your foundation is an essential part of your house and needs professional assistance to avoid any issues. We advise performing an inspection each year.

Doors are stuck.

When you try to open the doors in your house, do they become stuck? Due to foundation movement, doors and even cabinets may become difficult to close or open.

Watch out for indications of a foundational issue.

Check the grade or slope surrounding your home to ensure good drainage at first. Heavy rain is the ideal moment to carry out this task. The next time it rains heavily, gets a raincoat and stroll outside your house. Check the direction of the water to see if it is draining away from or toward the home’s foundation. Is the earth around your foundation being swept away? Exists a water puddle at or close to the foundation? These are indications of incorrect grading and urge you to direct water runoff away from your foundation before soil loss forces you to make repairs to your foundation.

Cracks over window and door frames:

If you see cracks inside your house, you should probably be concerned. You should be mindful of cracks on top of window and door frames, even if not all cracks cause concern. Corner cracks can also be concerning; these cracks typically have a deeper, observable line and are more significant than a hairline.

Cracks in the Chimney

Because it begins from the foundation and rises straight up through the roof, the chimney is typically an excellent sign of foundation problems. Therefore, any issues will naturally manifest themselves in the chimney as well. When there are cracks and crumbling mortar around the chimney, or if it seems crooked, symptoms of trouble can frequently be seen.

Contact RSH Engineering if you see any of these symptoms or want to get your foundation assessed in Ottawa. We’ll send one of our licensed foundation inspection engineers to your property to conduct an inspection and identify any issues that need to be resolved.

Why Us?

We provide homeowners in Dallas with thorough inspections to identify any foundation concerns before they worsen. Your peace of mind about receiving the most significant foundation repair is enhanced by our simple payment and financing choices and warranties. Our foundation inspection engineer at RSH Engineering will expertly fix any foundation issues. Call us right now for the highest level of foundation repair quality and exceptional customer service.