Which is the best Eye Hospital in Delhi for routine eye checkups?

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We become even more careless when it comes to our eyes. My friend owns and operates an optical store. When I needed new glasses, I used to go to him for a refraction test. I’ve never felt the urge to visit an optometrist. Even though I have been wearing glasses for ten years. I had never had my refraction tested by an ophthalmologist until yesterday.

During this lockdown. I began to feel unpleasant in my eyes due to many hours of exposure to TV and laptop screens. Itching and redness were present. The situation had deteriorated, so I needed to seek an eye specialist. Who could provide me with counsel during the lockdown?

Yesterday, I visited the Virtual Aids Centre. They emailed me a suggestion (kind of like a patient’s pass). That assisted me in clearing all of the checkpoints in the capitals. It proved to be beneficial.

It was only a routine eye exam for me, nothing serious. I had to go through 5–6 basic eye tests. And inquired about each test I was undergoing out of curiosity. I was pleased that the staff and doctor were patient in answering my inane query. You should visit the virtual Aids Centre if you are in Delhi.

Every once in a while, I realized we should all have routine eye exams—people above 40. Many eye diseases do not have therapy if they are identified at an advanced stage.

What is an eye exam, and why is it necessary?

An Eye Checkup is a series of tests to evaluate an individual’s vision. And check for any eye disorders. So, the eye doctor will use various devices. Intense light beaming straight into the eye. And a request to look at a variety of lenses. You can assess early detection of any eye condition with an Eye Check-up. Including helping the patient in adapting to new visual alterations. And eye care suggestions.


Here are a few things to remember when choosing an eye specialist in Delhi. To ensure that you receive efficient treatment from world-class eye experts.

So, learn everything there is to know about the treatment your eye doctor is recommending and why. Make sure you’ve looked into alternate therapies for your eye disease. That you’re happy with the medicine your doctor has prescribed.

To create trust with your eye expert. Look for patient testimonials and the doctor’s experience.

Visual Aids Centre is one of the most well-known names in Delhi. 

Experience 1

It’s not like the majority of accurate eye tests. Eye testing involves a series of tests to determine the optimal power prescription for your refractive problem. So, first and foremost, have your eyes tested by an ophthalmologist. Or, in some cases, a highly competent optometrist for any disorders or abnormalities. So, only then will it be determined. Whether you have blurry vision or not. Due to refractive error or anything else.

After a thorough wet and dry retinoscopy, you should acquire your first corrected power prescription if you have a refractive error. Moreover, a damp retinoscopy is performed while your pupils are dilated with eye drops. The optometrist also decides which eyedrop to use as per your requirement. 

So, after the dilatation effect of the eye drop has worn off. Finally, a dry retinoscopy is performed after a battery of subjective assessments. The final prescription is issued. It includes you answering some questions as asked by your optometrist). As a result, you must be highly cooperative. Suppose you haven’t already obtained a prescription in this manner. In that case, you should do so as soon as possible because there’s always the possibility of receiving either under or overcorrecting power glasses.

Experience 2

So I have searched for some good hospitals in the Best Eye Hospitals in Delhi crowd. After going through many reviews, I visited the branch located at Lajpat Nagar. And I was pretty impressed with the infrastructure. And the well-mannered staff of the hospital.

I had an opportunity with Dr. Rahil Chaudhary. And he has excellent experience in Lasik surgery. And they provide many facilities other hospitals in Delhi don’t as Contoura, Smile, etc. Along with the high-class treatment. So, the hospitals have well cleaned and hygiene. 


To offer the most modern FDA-approved i-LASIK surgery. Thus, they also provide LASIK surgery on an individual basis. So, it is also known as Custom-Vue Technology. 

One of the most effective procedures for refractive eye surgery is Custom-Vue LASIK. Many people with

Myopia (nearsightedness),

Hyperopia (farsightedness), and


I have found that Custom-Vue LASIK has helped them achieve the perfect vision.

So, consult the Eyes Specialist at Visual Aids Centre in Delhi. Make an appointment to receive clinical advice. Thus, to view their website, do a Google search for Visual Aids Centre. Please enter your name and phone number on their website. And you will receive a call from their customer service team to schedule a convenient time for a video conversation with their doctor.