How to Find CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Notes

Class 12 Chemistry Notes

There are different ways to find Class 12 chemistry notes. The methods range from visiting your school library, to sifting through the internet. This article aims to help you find the best sources to study for your upcoming examinations. You can also find the exam pattern, syllabus, and revision notes for each chapter.

Exam pattern

If you are looking to get into higher education, you must be prepared to do well in the Class 12 board exam. The study of Chemistry is an important component of this important step.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has recently released sample papers for class 12 chemistry. These papers give students an idea of what to expect from the exams.

The sample papers for class 12 chemistry cover the main topics in the subject. They provide information about the weightage of certain topics and the number of questions posed in the exam.

In addition to providing insight into the exam pattern, the sample papers also help you prepare for the real thing. It is important to practice these papers to hone your skills and learn what to do in the actual examination.


Chemistry is one of the fundamental branches of science. It investigates the chemical properties and interactions of matter. The subject is important for health and therapeutics. Hence, it is essential to know the syllabus and study the topics in detail.

Whether you are preparing for your board exam or any other examination, it is always recommended to know the full syllabus. This is because the syllabus gives you an idea of the number and types of questions you will come across. Also, it will help you decide how you will proceed.

A thorough knowledge of the syllabus and the topics covered will allow you to excel in your exams. In addition to knowing the content, it is also essential to practice for your exams.

Revision notes for each chapter

If you are studying in class 12 and are preparing for a board exam, revision notes for each chapter of CBSE Class 12 Chemistry are an important resource. These notes are written in a simple language and contain all the necessary information about the subject. They can be downloaded online or offline, and you can use them as you study.

These notes are prepared by Chemistry experts at Selfstudys. You can download them for free. The class 12 physics notes are based on the latest syllabus, and you can easily use them to prepare for the tests.

The revision notes include a list of textbook questions, as well as solutions. These notes also explain different concepts of Chemistry. All of the topics are explained in a systematic manner. Moreover, the notes are available in a downloadable PDF format, which makes them very convenient.

Avoid distractions while studying

Studying is difficult and distractions can ruin concentration. When you study, you should focus on one thing at a time and make sure that you use the right techniques.

One of the most useful techniques is to study in a quiet place. Getting into a good study groove will boost memory and help you recall the material. If you find yourself distracted, take a short break and then resume your study session.

Another technique is to set a schedule for your studies. This will keep you on track and avoid the temptation to waste time on useless activities. It is also a great incentive for completing your work.

Aside from using a schedule, you should also avoid studying in an unsuitable location. The most obvious example is to avoid a location where you feel sleepy or sluggish.

Preparing for the exam

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) class 12 chemistry exam is scheduled to take place tomorrow, February 15. To prepare for the upcoming exam, students must understand the syllabus and question paper pattern.

Students should refer to the NCERT textbook and other publications that follow the same curriculum. Moreover, they can also go through CBSE sample papers. These sample papers will help them understand the test pattern, word count and mark schemes.

It is recommended to start preparing for the exam from the beginning of the academic session. By doing so, students can gain thorough knowledge of the subject and can easily score 90+ marks. Besides, students can improve their confidence and reduce their pre-exam nervousness.

Firstly, students must study chemistry thoroughly. They should make notes of important topics, formulae and diagrams. Furthermore, they should practice numerical and chemical reactions.