Millie Bobby Brown Plays Lizzie In ‘Modern Family’ Season 6 Episode 17

Millie Bobby
Millie Bobby

Millie Bobby Brown played a young girl named Lizzie in episode 17, season 6 of Modern Family. Lizzie is best friends with Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson). In the episode, Lizzie and Mitchell go on a field trip to the local museum, but things get complicated when Mitchell starts dating Lizzy.

What is Millie Bobby Brown Playing in ‘Modern Family’ Season 6 Episode 17?

In the Season 6 Episode 17 of “Modern Family,” Millie Bobby Brown plays Lizzie, a new student who is also Cameron’s (Eric Stonestreet) niece. Lizzie comes to town with her mom (Marceline Hugot), and immediately clashes with Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) over her love of superheroes. Meanwhile, Cam and Jay Pritchett (Ed O’Neill) are tasked with taking care of her while her mom is at work.

What are the Characteristics of Lizzie?

Lizzie is a very independent young girl who does not take kindly to anyone telling her what to do. She is very outspoken and doesn’t shy away from standing up for what she believes in. Lizzie is also very creative and loves to use her imagination when playing games or creating stories.

What did Millie Bobby Brown Experience while Playing Lizzie?

Millie Bobby Brown, known for her role as Eleven in the hit TV series “Stranger Things”, starred as Lizzie Borden in the Season 3 episode of “Modern Family” entitled “Lizzie’s Mom”. In the episode, Lizzie is accused of murdering her father with an axe. Millie Bobby Brown played the role perfectly, capturing the innocence and confusion of the character.

The cast and crew of “Modern Family” had a lot of fun filming this episode. Executive producer Steven Levitan said that they wanted to do an episode that was different from everything else on the show, so they decided to do a whodunit. Levitan also said that it was great to have Millie Bobby Brown on set because she is so talented.

According to Brown, playing Lizzie was a lot of fun. She said that she loved getting into character and playing the role of someone who is innocent until proven guilty. Brown also enjoyed interacting with the other cast members during filming.

Will we see more of Lizzie in the Future?

Lizzie is a minor character in the Modern Family episode “Lizzie Getting Married.” She is Millie Bobby Brown’s character from the show Stranger Things. Lizzie is seen at the wedding of her best friend and frenemy, Marlene. Lizzie does not speak and seems lost in her own world. It is later revealed that she has been homeschooled her whole life.