Room Scheduling Just Got Easier with KiwiSign Room Schedule Displays


Conference room scheduling has never been easier. At KiwiSign, we provide durable and sleek conference room schedule displays that can be installed in any office building or library lobby to display the conference room schedule of the entire organization. With our conference room schedule displays, you can easily reserve and swap rooms, locate available rooms, and keep track of upcoming events all in one place!

Traditional scheduling methods are inefficient:

room scheduling is frustrating enough to schedule a meeting room when you have a tight deadline to meet, but it can be even more difficult if you’re unsure when the room will be available or who is using it. That’s why many people resort to guessing when they can use a conference room and going through convoluted measures to schedule a room.

The process wastes both time and paper and leaves the person scheduling uncertain about whether or not they will be able to reserve the space on their desired date. Fortunately, we offer sleek, easy-to-use, durable conference room schedule displays that will complement any office building, library, or office – ensuring that your employees are never left wondering how to find an available conference room in your building again.

KiwiSign’s room schedule displays are the solution:

KiwiSign’s room schedule displays are a sleek and modern solution to conference room scheduling. Our room schedule displays are mounted on the wall and use our easy-to-read backlit display board to show which rooms are currently available, giving you an efficient way to access conference rooms. The large screen also allows you to see at a glance what time slots have been booked so that you can plan your meeting accordingly.

KiwiSign’s room schedule displays are durable and come in various sizes, so they will fit in any office building or library setting. Plus, they’re designed specifically for the purpose of conference room scheduling, so they won’t take up valuable space in your workspace or distract from your decor.

The features of KiwiSign’s room schedule displays:

KiwiSign provides sleek, easy-to-use, and durable conference room schedule displays that will complement any office building, library, or office.
Our systems are designed for quick and easy scheduling.

They are also equipped with a timer to keep track of how much time you have left in the room. And finally, our room schedule displays make it easy for anyone to understand how busy your rooms are at a glance so your staff can make informed decisions about which rooms to use next.

We offer the best features at an affordable price. We have plans available for every budget level and size of business that includes free shipping within the continental United States!

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How to get started with using KiwiSign’s room schedule displays:

KiwiSign room schedule displays make the process of booking, scheduling, and confirming a conference room easier than ever. Simply pull up our website and find your location to see what’s available. Once you have found the perfect room for your needs, simply click Book Now to reserve it for a specific time.

You will be prompted to enter a contact email address in order to confirm your reservation. If you have an entire team that needs access, check out our access options on the right-hand side of the screen. With no hidden fees or sign-up costs, booking a conference room has never been more simple!