water parks in california is a fantestic way to enjoy

water parks in california

Best Water Slides

There are 38 slides at Wild Water, ranging from frantic, life-threatening rides to lengthy leisurely slides. The park’s top slides are listed below:

Tantrum is a three-lane slide for your adventurous buddies who enjoy spinning crazily. You’ll laugh out loud as you descend this slide because it features one of the most thrilling drops. If you’re up for a challenge, this slide also features an exhilarating loop, 360-degree spiral, and 540-degree turn, making it a great thrill ride. This ride’s outside may be frightening, but the interior is fantastic!

Best Rides for Toddlers

The Black Hole, a sizable bowl slide that toddlers may use independently, is a favorite among them. Additionally, it’s ideal for younger children and adventurers looking for a quick challenge. Another beloved ride is the Pink Flamingo, which is peaceful and calming and includes some unique spectacular effects. The Half Pipe, a curved tube with an exciting splashdown, serves as the day’s grand conclusion.

Best Wave Pool

Hydraulics, a mechanism that pushes pressurized water to the pool’s edge to generate waves, powers the waves in the Wave Pool. And because it uses both air and water parks in california there is sufficient water pressure for waves to reach head-high heights without needing tall wall construction.

The Wave Pool has extra features besides the ocean’s rolling waves. An interactive play area with fountains and caverns is available for children under 48 inches tall. Two waterslides transport riders via an inner tube over a large wave before plunging them into the shallow end, as well as our hourly pirate show.

Best New Facilities

Looking for a fun, novel activity to do this summer? Wild Water can take care of you. If you’re looking for something fun with your family, we have many attractions that will keep you occupied for hours. * Insider Tip: Turbulence is the place to go if you’re looking for extreme thrills and want to ride some of the worlds highest and fastest water slides. This route features 36 unique, mind-blowing drops and is all about speed.


Best Family Rides

The top rides for families at our water park are listed below. Choose from soaring high on the Kite Runner or navigating rapids on white-water rivers

You won’t find another experience like the Big Wave Racer at Wild Water Strap yourself in, get on a raft, and get ready for your life’s journey. With powerful up and down cycles, you will feel like you are genuinely rushing through water parks in california rapids. And just as you believe it to be over? Before returning to shore with a surge of joy sweeping over you, The Big Wave Racer takes you on a second lap

Best Family Splash Zone

After a long day of traveling, hay bale climbing, and water sliding down a 54-foot slide, we made our way to the Kiddie section. When we took our kids through each attraction, we could tell they were having a blast. Five different types of splash zones were available: Gorilla Falls’ 11-foot waterfall, Geyser Falls’ 130-degree climb and 110-degree slide into a warm-water pool below, and Captain Kidd’s Pirate Ship’s three themed slides, including the shake-a-boat, which shakes your boat 4 feet per turn as you plunge along, are just a few of the attractions on board.

Best for Adrenaline Rush

On our slides, you’ll experience a lot of thrills and spills. You can put your bravery to the test by going down the Screaming Vortex, the Casa Cupula, and Storming Norman. Acapulco Cliff Jump, the park’s newest activity, offers an additional shot of excitement.

There’s no problem if you can’t ride all 38 of our slides. Many water-themed activities are available, such as the Big Blue Wave pool, which features lazy rivers, splash pads under palm trees, and climbing obstacles. Additionally, we have two outdoor pools heated in the winter so that you can use them all year.

Most Efficient Use of your Time

Utilizing our rapid & fast water slide is one way to make the most of your day. With four lanes, this incredible attraction is ideal for groups of people or families searching for a unique experience on a hot summer day. With three lanes each, our Slip ‘N Slide and Outer Limits Wet & Dry Combo attractions provide you with even more choices and encourage you to remain active regardless of the weather. A morning swim is also a great way to warm up before our sunny afternoon rush begins at noon, with many attractions and rides opening for business immediately after lunch.