The best Himalayan trek to take your child is the Kareri Lake Trek

Kareri lake
Kareri lake Himachal BanBanjara


The very images that first come to mind during family trips are exotic places full of peaceful atmosphere, calm lakes and exciting hiking trails. A family vacation calls for exciting events that take place mostly in hill stations. Staying in flat terrains unfortunately distracts us from the most exciting and unforgettable activities in the mountains that you can do with your family.

Spending time in the middle of nature with your loved ones will help you deepen your bonds. This kind of free time also allows you to socialize with friends while experiencing enticing moments in the wilderness. It gives parents the ability to be a motivation for their children by showing how to be courageous, persistent and self-reliant. It allows children to spread their wings without any conditions in the company of their family and friends.

Overview of Lake Kareri

 It is located in the same district as Dharamshala. Lake Kareri is a high-altitude lake that originates from meltwater from the Minkiani peak. The trek to Kareri Lake winds through lush pine forests and green meadows.

Kareri lake is not very big but looks beautiful. It is also famous for birds and is quite a good place for bird watching. You may spot birds such as White-fronted Goose, Spotted Canada, Common Lapwing, Oystercatcher, Ruddy Turnstone Mew and Slender Gull.

Height of Lake Kareri

Kareri Lake is at an altitude of around 2,950 meters or 9,678 feet. This makes it ideal for beginners or in my case suitable for my son. On the way to the lake you will see several small shepherds’ houses. You will also come across lots of cute ‘Gaddi Kuthas’ (Himalayan Mastiffs) and lots of beautiful scenery.

Preparing for the Trek

The nearest route for buses is Dharamshala. From Dharamshala, local buses run to Ghera village from 8:00 am. Kareri village (starting point of the trek) is about 2 hours walk from Ghera.

Alternatively, taxis are available from Dharamshala bus stand to Kareri village. Taxi charges are Rs 800-1000 one way for a group of 4-6 people, depending on the size of the group, the vehicle and your bargaining skills! In case of lack of time, it is better to take a taxi; it cuts about 2 hours of daily travel and walking.


Day 1 Pick up at Kareri village

Pickup will be arranged from Kareri village. There you will meet our trek leader who will brief you about the Kareri Lake trek. You can store your excess luggage in Kareri village so you don’t have to carry any extra cargo.

  • Trekking

After the briefing, you will have an early lunch and begin the trek to Kareri Lake which is approximately at an altitude of 10,800 feet. It is approximately a 14 km trek that passes through forest and pastures, which is mostly uphill. the route will take 4-5 hours. You will walk among oaks, pines and rhododendrons. The trail runs along the river, which you will cross several times.

  • Kareri Lake: Camping

As you reach the shore of the lake, enjoy the view and stunning beauty of the Dhauladhar range. Camps will be set up and a hot dinner will be served. We will camp for the night by the river with fire and music.

DAY 2 Trek down to Kareri village

Enjoy the morning with a beautiful sunrise at Kareri Lake. We will have breakfast, spend some time exploring the areas around Kareri Lake and then return to Kareri village with lots of memories, adventures, friends and fun.

Learn more about Kareri Village:

The trek around Kareri Lake takes you through lush subtropical pine forests. The forests are full of chir and chilgoza pines interspersed with broad-leaved species. They also host high densities of birds that are easy to spot (due to low canopies).

In the second half of the trail, the forests open up to rocky pastures along the Nyund nallah lake, which serves as a guide as well as a refreshing companion. The forests are dotted with pine trees and shrubs. All this together allows for an easily visible transition of vegetation belts with altitude on this trail.

Kareri Lake Trek is a beautiful weekend adventure for people looking for options away from the more trodden trails of Himachal like Kheerganga, Prashar Lake, Triund etc. Several campsites along the trail along with suitable food options make it an ideal level for beginners. DIY hiking trail.

The best of the Kareri lake hiking trip

  • Trekking at high altitudes is an unforgettable experience as you experience unique climate changes.
  • Explore Mcleod Ganj, the residence of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and the site of a Tibetan exile community.
  • Witness the beauty of Kareri Lake and immerse yourself in its serenity
  • Add Bleni Pass (12,300 feet) and Minkiani Pass (13,230 feet) to your elevation record.
  • Enjoy the sights of the majestic Dhauladhar range
  • Meet and greet the local people