Triund Trek: Unraveling Himachal Pradesh’s Treasure Trove

Triund trek


For city dwellers, nothing are often more relaxing and euphoric than taking off to the slopes that are covered with rich greenery and outdoor air! Such breathtaking grandeur and harmony can be found in the ‘Crown Jewel of Dharamshala’, Triunda. With all its signature charm and grandeur, Triund is wonderfully arranged between the wedges of Himachal Pradesh’s Dhauladhar range and therefore the enchanting Kangra Valley. during a similar way, Triund is among India’s commonest youth protests, attracting thousands of seasoned trekkers from across the country. Interesting areas and curves offer its travelers a perfect place to trek.

Here is that the motivation to build a bag for Triund

In truth, the Triund Trek isn’t normal for the journey to other high points, the last point of the trip. It’s much more to offer the traveling devotee. just in case you need to explore more and experience the Himalayan trek, Triund are often the gateway to many more encounters.

There are various places to explore like visiting the snow line, Lakha cave and visiting Indrahar pass for more experienced climbers for more than a few days. Triund boasts of enthusiastic and specific Tibetan culture with amazing networks that are equipped with dazzling houses, Buddha symbols, and handing out banners. During your excursion to Triund, you’ll see the most amazing views of luxurious green mountain ranges, white mists and dense forests. Perhaps the simplest insight to be gained on this excursion is to notice the magnificent sublime bodies of commerce that shock the night sky.

Show up at Triund from Mcleodganj

Galu is that the early stage of the Triund business. to point out up at Galu, you’ll either book a taxi from Mcleodganj or start your trip there straight away. Various adventurers start their excursion from Bhagsu Nag, which is recognized for its amazing course. While traveling from Galu, it’s also necessary to stick to the road which encounters dense forests covered with deodar and oak trees. just in case you encounter any difficulties while climbing, you’ll use a horse to show yourself to the top.

How to get to base camp?

The trail to Triund is 7 km from Dharamkot and passes Galu Devi temple. It always takes 3-4 hours from Dharamkot. The trek to Triund starts from Galu base camp which may be reached either by taxi or bus from McLeodganj. you’ll start the trek from McLeodganj itself or Bhagsu Nag, counting on how much you want to walk. Triund is found about 18 km from Dharamshala. The road from there’s about 1100 meters long and it is quite a steep climb. Ponies and horses are available if you do not want to go all the way.

Level of difficulty

Trek Triund may be a great place to start for all beginner hikers. Seasoned veterans can always go and luxuriate in the scenery. This trek is suitable for all age groups and may be completed.

Trek itinerary

Day 1: ranging from Bhagsu or Dharamkot, two villages which are about 2 km from McLeodganj, day 1 trek will take about 3 hours to hide a distance of 7 km. Dharamkot road head is more scenic, follow this trail for up to fifteen minutes until you reach Galu devi temple. From there, the trail to Triund continues straight. Halfway up the trail may be a birdwatcher’s paradise. The densely forested trail becomes steeper because the Dharamkot ridge meets the Triund ridge. There are around four tea stalls along the trail and you’ll even find dhabas serving cooked food during the camping season. For night, Forest building is the place to rest at night. ensure you stock up on potable water as it is scarce.

Day 2: Day 2 is an optional day on the Triund trek which leads behind the Triund ridge to Laka and on to the Lahesh cave. this is often a much longer trek, about 25 kilometers. The trail is stony and cascading boulders cause it. Magnificent views of the Dhauladhar range await you if you’d like to undertake this trek. However, it’s much more challenging than the 7km trek from Dharamkot to Triund.

Necessary things should be kept with you

  • Sweaters and jackets Waterproof boots and an additional pair of socks, also as skin moisturizers and sunscreen. Water bottle, energy bar and snack
  • A good camera and sunglasses are required.
  • Trekking pole, flashlight
  • Insect repellent and first aid kit

Trek Checkpoints

  • Galu Devi Temple ‘Rest A While’ Cafe, Magic View Cafe and Best View Cafe
  • Some fantastic nearby attractions