The Popularity of the Beam Moving Head Light


Light Sky’s stage lighting equipment has always generated widespread interest. Light Sky, one of China’s most well-known stage lighting suppliers, strives to be the best at every exhibition it attends. This article describes the remarkable work performed by Light Sky with its beam moving head light.

Two Famous Beam Moving Head Lights


The IP66-rated SHARK PROFILE is a 1200W LED moving head spot and profile light with high brightness. The source color of its LED module is white, and it has a color wheel with five distinct hues that can produce a range of lovely hues. It is capable of lasting for a very, very long time due to its impressive lifespan. Due to its consistent environmental protection features, it also has no negative environmental effects.

Its four-in-one design allows it to function as a beam, spot, wash, and profile light, depending on the setup. When an outdoor moving head beam light with multiple applications is required, it can be used extensively. The five color options can be combined and contrasted to generate a vast array of distinct hues.


Aqua Laser is a watertight IP66 moving head laser beam light. They are appropriate for use in stadiums, live performances, building tops, theaters, and other outdoor locations with extreme weather.

Powered by a high-density, white laser source that operates as a beam, it can generate a substantial amount of projected light. The distribution of light density across the surface is astonishingly uniform. In addition, there is a large 14-color wheel that can be used to directly project complementary hues. Additionally, the wheel makes it simple to mix and match colors to create any desired hue.

Relevant Lessons

Light Sky is a manufacturer and supplier of stage lighting equipment. The area occupied by our factory and R&D facility exceeds 15 square kilometers. China is extremely fond of the factory’s dependable, high-quality products. Additionally, the R&D team works tirelessly to enhance existing products and create brand-new, market-dominating products. Lastly, Light Sky’s services are tailored to the client’s requirements; our team will make every effort to develop a customized solution for the client.