Tips You Should Know About Dubai Burj Khalifa Tour

Dubai Burj Khalifa Tour
Dubai Burj Khalifa Tour

Whenever you hear something about Dubai, you will definitely think about the most popular and tallest building in the entire world, Burj Khalifa, which is located in Dubai. This building is also called the crown of this city because it is the most prominent place of Dubai. It contains over 160 floors; all the services and systems inside of the building are compatible luxury and are utter best in technologies.
As everyone knows, it is the tallest building in the world so it is very difficult for the tourists to visit even the half building. Tourists are always confused about where they should start. In this article we will provide you with all the essential information which is very helpful to make your visit more amazing, entertaining and unforgettable. 

Burj Khalifa is open for tourists and local people from 8:30 am to 11:00 pm every day. If you want to fully enjoy your trip and want to explore the most attractive parts without facing any crowd, you should visit this place early in the mornings. The Middle of the day is very crowded and you cannot enjoy your trip fully. Entry ticket for Burj Khalifa is AED 162.  

 If you ever plan a Dubai Burj Khalifa tour you must know about some essential tips and tricks to make your visit memorable for your entire life. 

Visit the Burj Khalifa during sunset:

Most of the companies recommended the tourists to arrange a Burj Khalifa tour in Dubai during the sunset. Observation decks are open every day till 11 pm for the tourists. Floor 124 and 125 of this building provides you the opportunity to observe the whole city from a 360 degree  view. By using the high powered microscope you can look into the world below. 

It is a very scary view but it is very amazing to watch the city from the very top. At the 125 floor the observation deck is gorgeously embellished with Arabic Mashrabiya details. You can also get an enchanting experience in the observation deck because at this place you can hear and feel the glass breach under your feet.  

Book your tickets in advance:

Your tour to Dubai is always incomplete if you will not add Burj Khalifa visit in your tour. It is the most famous tourist’s destination in Dubai. If you also want to book your tickets for the Burj Khalifa visit you should book your tickets online in advance. As it is the highest demanding tourist place, you have to stand in waiting lines to enter the building.  Booking in advance is very helpful to save your time because through advance booking you can skip the waiting lines. You should set your time table before visiting, so you can visit the various attractive places of the Burj Khalifa tower. 

Have a meal at the world’s highest restaurant:

At.Mosphere Restaurant is located inside the Burj Khalifa and it is 442 meters high above the ground. It is the most attractive and popular place to visit inside the Burj Khalifa. This restaurant offers a variety of dishes to eat and enjoy. Most unique and world’s famous dishes are available for the tourists. This restaurant also provides very tasty European cuisines. You can enjoy lunch, brunch and dinner over there with your family and friends. 

Book sunrise + breakfast tickets if you are a morning person:

You should book your sunrise +  breakfast tickets for the Dubai Burj Khalifa tour if you are a morning person. And want to observe the amazing scene of the sun rising which you have never experienced before. You can book your tickets easily from the official website and can enjoy the two things at the same time. Delicious and amazing breakfast and amazing scenery of sunrise.

Book an introductory tour for special experience of level 148:

In order to increase your entertainment you should try the Burj Khalifa sky experience from level 148. You can enjoy the traditional cup of coffee on this floor. You can also arrange your business meetings on this floor. Instructors are present on different floors who can guide you well.

Watch the dancing fountains from the top:

Dancing fountains are also situated in this mall of Dubai which is a great place of tourist’s attraction. Dancing fountains put on lights, water displays and music every day from 6 pm onwards. 

Plan to visit tourist attractions Around Burj Khalifa:

There are many amazing and elegant places to visit around the Burj Khalifa. Some portions of Burj Khalifa are underwater so you can explore the amazing Dubai aquarium which is full of a variety of water creatures. For the enjoyment of children, a lot of rides and slides are also located around this mall.

Visit the lounge of Burj Khalifa on 152, 153 and 154 floor:

Burj Khalifa has the highest lounge in the world which is located on 152 and above floors. On these floors you feel like you are very near the sky. This highest lounge of the world is 585 meters above the ground. From the outdoor terrace you can play with the clouds. 

Stay at Armani Hotel for luxurious night:

Fully furnished luxury hotels are also located in this tower where you can stay at night. Among the most popular hotels, Armani Hotel is very beautifully designed for the tourists to spend their luxurious night.

Dress code instructions:

Before organizing the Dubai Burj Khalifa tour, you should get the complete details about the dress code. There is no formal dress required to enter the Burj Khalifa but you must wear comfortable dress and shoes because the tour time period is lengthy so you will be relaxed in comfortable dress.