Types of Educational Toys in Singapore 

Educational Toys in Singapore

Singapore is a great place to find educational toys for children. With its diverse range of shops and outlets, parents can easily find the perfect toys to help their child learn and develop. 

Shopping for educational toys in Singapore can be an exciting experience with so many different types available to choose from. From puzzles and construction sets to interactive science kits and activity books, there are plenty of options available to keep young minds engaged. 

5 Creative and Fun Educational Toys in Singapore 

Role Play Toys: 

One of the many types of educational toys in Singapore is role-playing toys. Role-play toys are designed to teach children about different aspects of life such as math, science, the arts, and more. They also help to develop problem-solving skills and stimulate creativity.  

Role-play toys come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials such as fabric dolls or wooden blocks. They can be used in a variety of ways depending on what the child wants to learn or explore at any given moment. 

For instance, a child could use role-play toys to practice counting numbers or baking cakes. Additionally, these types of educational playsets can be used to encourage imaginative play by creating scenarios that foster positive social interaction among peers through pretend games like doctor or vet visits! 

Building Blocks: 

Building blocks are one type of educational toy that can help children to develop their creativity and fine motor skills while they play. Building blocks are a versatile type of toy that can be used in different ways and teach problem-solving, cooperation, and construction skills.  

Building blocks come in different sizes, shapes, colors, and textures so there is something for all age groups. They are also relatively inexpensive compared to other types of educational toys so parents can purchase multiple sets without breaking the bank. 

In addition, building blocks open up endless possibilities as kids use their imagination to construct whatever comes into their minds.  

These simple but powerful pieces allow kids to express themselves through play which stimulates learning in social and developmental areas like language acquisition, motor skills, spatial awareness, problem-solving, and more. 

Art & Craft Kits: 

These kits come with all the necessary materials for children to explore their creativity through art, including pencils, colored markers, and paper. The kits also include step-by-step guides that help young creators learn the fundamentals of drawing, painting, and crafting. 

With these tools at hand, kids can develop an appreciation for the creative arts and hone their artistic skills from a young age. In addition to providing a fun activity for children to engage in during their free time, art & craft kits can help foster cognitive development and emotional intelligence in a child. 

Activities like coloring patterns help sharpen their visual perception skills while allowing them to express themselves artistically; this allows them to grow as individuals as they learn new techniques and explore different media. 


STEM/STEAM toys, in particular, have been gaining attention due to their ability to help kids develop cognitive and motor skills. This type of toy encourages creativity and problem-solving with an emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. 

These toys provide a range of benefits for children. Kids can learn the basics of coding by building robots and using their imaginations to create different scenarios that require problem-solving skills. These toys also help improve hand-eye coordination as well as fine motor skills such as drawing or manipulating small objects. 

Additionally, these educational tools promote collaboration between children who work together on projects or compete against each other during activities like chess or card games. 

Games and Puzzles: 

Games and puzzles are one type of popular educational toys that can help children develop their problem-solving skills, memory, and creativity. One of the most popular types of educational games currently available in Singapore is logic games like Sudoku or crosswords. 

These types of puzzles help children focus on detail, strengthen their reasoning skills and improve their understanding of numbers. Additionally, there are dexterity-based puzzles such as jigsaw puzzles that help with hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness. 

Lastly, board games such as Monopoly or Scrabble provide an opportunity for players to learn about strategy building while having fun at the same time. 


Educational toys in Singapore are an important part of a child’s learning journey. There are lots of options for parents in Singapore to choose from, depending on their budget and the age and development stage of their child. 

From traditional wooden puzzles to interactive tech-based products, each type of toy offers unique benefits in developing skills and knowledge. Parents should consider all the educational toys available to ensure that their children receive a holistic experience that meets their developmental needs.