Why Should You Plan to Purchase Ex-Display Hot Tubs

ex-display hot tubs

If you adore a particular hot tub manufacturer but cannot afford their full retail price, or if you are a savvy bargain hunter, ex-display hot tubs can be a terrific option. In this article, you’ll examine if Ex-Demo Hot Tubs are truly the bargain they appear to be on paper.

Why you should buy 

Don’t mistake pre-owned or used for ex-display. You can be certain that no one has ever utilized an empty display that has never been filled. As a result of being in a showroom, you should only anticipate minor wear and tear. The result? You are still able to save thousands of pounds on a nearly-new model!

Even though your ex-display plug-and-play hot tubs have been filled with water and used as a wet test model, you can be assured that it is in the optimal condition to be properly maintained. Make sure the hot tubs must undergo daily chemical testing. This ensures that your hot tub has always contained the optimal level of chemicals, hence extending its lifespan.

Also, Learn Considerations When Buying Ex-Display Hot Tubs

Age and manufacturer

If the spa has been well-maintained, its age may not impair its functionality, but it is crucial to ensure that replacement parts and accessories are available for the type you’re considering. For instance, you’ll need to replace the filter on a regular basis, so determine if you can still obtain one that fits the model.

Similarly, it is good to examine the brand of the hot tub. When purchasing a used 8-person hot tub, dependability is of utmost importance, and obscure manufacturers may be more difficult to obtain replacement parts and professional service.

Total acquisition cost

Choose an energy-efficient model, even if purchasing a pre-owned tub may save you money. The cost to heat and operate a non-insulated tub will be significantly higher than that of a tub utilizing the most recent technology.

Attention and maintenance

The lifespan of a hot tub may be reduced if it has not been properly maintained. Always enquire how the hot tub has been operated, discover.

  • Has it been operated and winterized properly?
  • How frequently have you drained it?
  • How often is maintenance performed?
  • Has a new filter been installed?

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Put your confidence in the experts.

When looking for a used hot tub, it is always best to purchase from a reputable company, as they will ensure the hot tub is in excellent condition and fully functional prior to selling it to the general public. They will also make sure you are aware of any minor damage (if any) via photographs on their website.

Limited Guarantee

Do the ex-display hot tubs you’re planning to purchase come with a guarantee, or will you be out of cash if it develops a defect?

Six months from the date of the hot tub’s production, all reputable manufacturers begin their warranties. Some hot tubs may have been on display in showrooms or warehouses for several months; therefore, it is important to determine when the hot tub was created and what its exact warranty terms are. Additionally, it is important to determine whether the warranty is offered by the reseller or the manufacturer.


Can the hot tub be safely transported to your home? When purchasing a hot tub that has been previously owned, it may be necessary to rent specialized equipment or a crane in order to remove it from challenging situations.

In conclusion, you should only buy from reputable manufacturers and retailers. You will likely use your ex-display hot tubs for many years – it’s similar to purchasing a used boiler for your home, and you’re really investing in a service relationship, so choose your provider with care.

Reputable companies that sell ex-display models should be able to assist you at every stage, but it’s a good idea to be prepared, so you know what to look for, what to avoid, and how to obtain the greatest price without paying for it later.