11 Seed Gift Tags Ideas to Make the Presents Look Appealing


Think of the wrapping paper as the introduction to the gift. You won’t believe how easy it is to improve your gift wrap. The article has some great ideas for making it look like a pro-wrapped package. No matter what your style is or how much you want to spend, you can make your present appealing with seed gift tags

1: Neon Color Block Gift Tags 

Many designers started with colourful gift tags and added fun designs with paint pens and office supplies. The idea was simple and brilliant. Just getting better materials can sometimes make all the difference. 

2: Instagram Photo-Inspired Gift Tags

Instagram-inspired gift tags are in great demand. You can use the receiver’s favourite photos and put them on seed gift tags. The lucky person gets a gift and something to keep. 

3: The Text Alone Gift Tags 

Expressing yourself a bit will make the receiver happy. You can share some emotions, moments, or anything you want to on the gift tags. It’s better if you write yourself rather than printing the text. Personalized message gift tags in Australia are easily available. 

4: Watercolour Gift Tags 

If it’s been a while since you played around with watercolour, try this easy yet beautiful idea for a gift tag. Don’t worry about it being perfect. The real beauty is in the squiggles, splotchy colours, and crooked lines. These seed gift tags can be made by professionals if you want your gift tag to look extraordinary.  

5: Cut and Paste Gift Tags 

Let a team of editors help you make your gift tags! With these unique seed gift tags crafted by experts, you can have stand-out gift tags. They will cut out a bright or favourite picture from magazine pages, decorate it, and put it on top of a gift. This may seem feasible, but professionals in creating a seed card in Australia can be a great help 

6: Fruit Gift Tags

Who would have thought a simple circle could look so cute? You can use this incredible idea; you can turn a piece of paper with holes punched in it into a slice of the receiver’s favourite fruit. Your friend who likes to cook or cares about health will enjoy his or her present even more.

7: Marble Bubble Gift Tags

When you add marble to something, it looks better. Surely, it’s a unique idea that you always look for and again, the experts’ help will be a wiser decision. Really, they are so pretty that it would be hard to find anyone who would throw them away with the wrapping paper. Use fun, bright colours to make them stand out and add to the fun.

8: All Green Gift Tags

One who is a nature lover will surely adore the bright green gift tags that look great. Along with the gift they would love to keep the gift tags for a longer period. Moreover, using seed gift tags will be a great choice as they can foster plantations around them. 

9: Metal Stamp Gift Tags

Why not use this lavishing style gift tag to make a great impression? Your loved one can keep the tag to remember how much you love him all year long.

10: Fresh Flowers Gift Tags

Who wouldn’t want a gift topped with live flower paste along with seed gift tags? This is like getting two gifts for the price of one. You should go the extra mile and put a few wildflowers on top of each gift. 

11: Printed Hand-Lettered Gift Tags

So you’re not really that clever? Let someone with great skills do all the hard work for you, one who knows how to play with seed gift tags. Printed hand-written gift tags are going to look beautiful and will be very close to the receiver’s heart. 

These are some of the ways to use the seed gift tags!