Know more about OET Online Classes

Know more about OET Online Classes

The Occupational English Test is a language proficiency test designed to assess the English proficiency of healthcare professionals wishing to practice in English-speaking countries. OET online classes content is relevant to many professions, including medicine, nursing, dentistry, optometry, physical therapy, and pharmacy. The writing and speaking parts of the test are tailored to each profession to make the scenarios more realistic and relevant to future work environments, so it is essential to use subject-specific preparation materials.

Step 1: Personal Study Plan

As soon as you register with E2Language, we will send a link to book your study plan with an experienced teacher. You will meet your teacher online, and they will talk to you about your previous test performance. They will provide a study plan to start and continue your studies.

Step 2: Skill-BuildingSkill-Building Lessons

You should work on grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. E2Language offers hundreds of basic English learning lessons, including the pronunciation practice app E2Pronounce.

Step 3: How To, Tips & Strategies Course

Join a LIVE online Method course to learn more about tasks and how to accomplish them, or view recorded video lessons at any time.

Step 4: Practice

Our courses include quality hands-on classes. Each subtest is addressed by difficulty level, so your exercises match the test.

  • 3 x Writing Subtest
  • 3 x Reading Subtest Part A
  • 3 x Reading Subtest Part B
  • 3 x Listening Subtest Part A
  • 3 x Listening Subtest Part B
  • 3 x Speaking Roleplay

Step 5: Expert Feedback Tutorials

Need help writing or speaking with your OET? Our expert tutorials are powerful one-on-one courses where you’ll meet your teacher face-to-face for one-on-one instruction and feedback on what you’ve learned in the online course. 

These tutorials are recorded in Zoom at the time you choose. The curriculum has links you can use to select tutorial times. We have teachers worldwide so that you can teach anytime, anywhere! The tutorials are convenient for OET Writing with live correction and OET Speaking, where you can practice role-playing with feedback.

Step 6: LIVE Mock Tests

We offer live mock tests so you can apply your skills. These webinars are led by experienced teachers who will assist you in your attempts under test conditions.

Step 7: Exam Day

Following the program will ensure you are ready for exam day. Confidence comes from good preparation and skill so that you can feel confident.

Are the sample exams in this course suitable for taking the OET on Computer or OET at Home exams?

First, OET-on-computer testing can be done at home (this is called OET-at-home testing) or at selected OET testing sites (this is called OET-on-computer-at-the-test- site) can be submitted. Both versions of his OET test are online (monitored by remote monitoring), but the format and timer are the same as his paper-based OET test. All rules and regulations for the OET on Computer test are the same as for the OET on Paper.

If you are taking the OET on the computer, taking the Benchmark OET course will make you feel more comfortable answering questions on the computer and give you confidence on exam day.